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Tuesday – Data Tuesday

Every Tuesday we have videos related today. These will focus on Azure Synapse Analytics and related technologies such as Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) and more…

Intro to aggregates in T-SQL

Getting started with T-SQL? Patrick looks at using aggregate functions within your statements to help get the right results. If you are just starting with T-SQL in either Azure SQL Database or Azure Synapse Analytics, [...]

What’s up with the different JOINS in Azure SQL and Azure Synapse?

Not sure what the different JOINs mean in Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure SQL Database? Patrick walks you through the different types to get you on the right path! Joins (SQL Server) https://docs.microsoft.com/sql/relational-databases/performance/joins?view=sql-server-ver16

Writing your first SQL Statement!

New to writing T-SQL? Patrick walks you through your first SQL statement. Great foundation to have when working with SQL Server or Azure Synapse Analytics! Download SQL Server Management Studio https://docs.microsoft.com/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms Download and install Azure [...]

Getting started with Azure Synapse Analytics

Not sure where to begin with Azure Synapse Analytics? Patrick gets you started and teaches you the clicks to get up and running quickly! Get Started with Azure Synapse Analytics https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/synapse-analytics/get-started

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