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Tuesday – Data Tuesday

Every Tuesday we have videos related today. These will focus on Azure Synapse Analytics and related technologies such as Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) and more…

Can you use SQL Auth with Azure Synapse Serverless?

When using Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless Pools, using Azure AD auth is pretty simple. But, what about SQL Auth? How do you get hat working? Patrick shows you how! Control storage account access for serverless [...]

Exploring Microsoft Purview for data governance

You've probably heard of Microsoft Purview somewhere. Buck Woody joins Patrick to highlight how Microsoft Purview can help you with data governance. From cataloging to lineage, Purview is a key component for your data strategy! [...]

Explaining what a Lakehouse is!

You've probably heard the term lakehouse with various services like Azure Synapse Analytics. But what actually is a lakehouse? And why is it different from a data warehouse?

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