5 tips on how to find a mentor

In this video, I give 5 tips on how to find a mentor. If you have struggled to find a mentor, or don't think you need a mentor, this is for you. It is helpful to start with a baseline. Here is the definition of a mentor. Men´tor noun. 1.  Someone who teaches or gives [...]

5 tips on how to find a mentor2017-03-16T09:01:16-05:00

My reading goal

This is a look at my reading goal. Are you a slow reader like I am? I did an online test and came out at around 147 wpm. Really below average. Reading a lot of books is a common theme for successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. How can I do that if I'm such a [...]

My reading goal2017-03-16T09:01:16-05:00