Dynamic Filtering with Power BI and Analysis Services

In this video, Patrick answers your question about how to do this in Analysis Services Tabular and Multidimensional. Also, he adds a little bit of SQL to the mix.

Make sure to watch the previous dynamic filtering videos to understand the basics of how to do this.

To begin, you need to make sure to get the URL for your published report.|

For Tabular, you will need to do the following:
1. Identify table and field you want to filter
2. Build the URL formula for custom column
3. Change data category to web url

For Multidimensional, you will need to do the following:
1. Identify the dimension
2. Add named calculation in Data Source View
3. Set the URL formula for the calculation
4. Drag the named calc to your dimension as an attribute
5. Change Basic Type to General > WebURL